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DUST CONTROL Years ago, a common solution to control fugitive dust was to apply used motor oil. This practice resulted in the contamination of the road surface with heavy metals and volatiles. When researchers discovered this abuse to our environment, regulations were enacted to prohibit the use of waste oil as a dust suppressant. Cousco Brown is committed to manufacturing dust suppressants that when applied create an environment that is free of fugitive dust without creating secondary safety, health, and environmental concerns for our clients.
Dustabate 6123

DUSTABATE 6123 is a low voc, high temp. non polluting resin manufactured for the specific purpose of making surfaces hard and water resistant. DUSTABATE does not form acid or alkaline mixtures when diluted with water. It is safe to use around bodies of water or crops.

  • Non-flammable, will not burn at 400° F.
  • Non-corrosive, acts as a rust inhibitor if in contact with ferrous metals.
  • Can be applied while traffic is operating, does not peel up like other products do.
  • Very cost competitive with other products, thanks to being diluted before usage.
Depending on traffic activity, expect 8 to 12 weeks of effectiveness. Erosion control applications have lasted up to two years.

MSDS Sheet

Data Sheet
Dustabate PE 60

Dustabate PE 60 is a high solid, solvent-free tall oil-based waterborne dispersion product. The dispersed emulsion product is derived from the distillation of crude tall oil, which is naturally found in trees. The emulsion is anionic, stable to separation, and has fine particle size.

Uses Include:
  • Road stabilization
  • Dust control
  • Soil erosion prevention
  • Liquid tarp for coals, ores, and aggregates


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